You need three things for a successful, satisfying book publishing experience:

  1. Passion for your project;
  2. A collaborative, enthusiastic work ethic (it takes a village); and,
  3. Determination and drive to market and sell your book.

Passion—without it, your book won’t succeed. Belief in yourself, your writing, your inspiration, and the willingness to listen and learn, will bring you success.

Collaboration—we don’t offer a self-publishing channel. You can go it alone via Amazon very easily and inexpensively. We offer a team. A team of professionals who know the business and who will share their expertise with you. And publishing a book is a business. Authors will learn how to merge their creative spirit with a cutting edge business savvy. Be prepared.

Marketing/Sales—whether you publish through one of the Big Five publishing houses, or whether you self publish, the work required of an author is the same. Ninety percent of the work to market and sell your book rests on your shoulders. That’s right, 90%. We’ll show you how to pitch events, explain the financial decisions of how many books to print and whether to do a short run, offset, or print on demand (POD). We’ll explain how to use social media to drive sales, how to solicit reviews, whether to publish through Amazon or through a trade channel (trade channel allows bookstores and libraries to purchase your book). You have choices to make and work to do. Make no mistake—writing the bookis the easy part on your journey to becoming an author.

The Quality of Your Work Matters

Take the first essential step to publish your book successfully—work with a professional editor to polish your manuscript. Our talented editors offer support and coaching to improve your manuscript and to sharpen your writing skills.

In order to work with one of our editors, the first step is to submit your work for a preliminary assessment. If accepted by an editor, he or she will discuss which level of service is right for you:

Clipper Class Publishing Services

A clear choice for professionals who are writing fiction or non-fiction for the first time.

First Class Editorial Services

If you write professionally but have never published before, this channel is for you.

Business Class Marketing Services

For writers who want a professional assessment before pitching a literary agent or publishing a manuscript.