Wildwood: A Love Story, A War Story

By Stuart O’Brien


INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS: A youthful fantasy is snuffed out by the brutal realities of war, but a new love and the startling revelation of a decades old secret heals the wounds and proves that love is stronger than death.

Wildwood, is a thoroughly compelling and often enchanting novel spanning sixty years of the twentieth century. … With skillful narration and a fine command of detail, Stuart O’Brien illuminates the lives of young people from two cultures opposed in deadly combat during the Second World War. … New Jersey boy, Bodie McGraw, is at one moment dancing the jitterbug with sweetheart, Catherine Colt, and at the very next moment, is fighting with fellow Marines in Guadalcanal. … Catherine’s and Bodie’s experience of love and loss and lifetime loyalty will touch the hearts of all readers. This is a book to savor.”
Reeve Lindbergh, National Bestselling Author, Author of New York Times Notable Book, Under a Wing, A Memoir

ISBN: 978-1-942693-09-3
Softcover ǀ $19.99 ǀ 574 pages



Stuart O’Brien

Ninety-one-year-old debut novelist, Stuart O’Brien, writes with delicate compassion about his childhood friends from Montclair, New Jersey, weaving a gripping story of historic times in brilliant detail. The author brings an unusual insight into the depths of human experience, keeping the readers spellbound, while encouraging them to recall their own first love. Stuart and his wife, married 67 years, currently reside in Vero Beach, Florida, and Peachum, Vermont.