Yokai Character Collection

By Michael Goldstein | Illustrations by Chip Boles



Welcome to the first of its kind introduction to the mystical and mischievous ancient Japanese monsters, the YOKAI! Through fun descriptions and beautiful illustrations, you’ll discover a new world where Pikachu’s predecessors reigned. You’ll also enjoy learning the sounds of the Japanese alphabet.

ISBN: 978-1-942693-11-6
Softcover ǀ $24.99 ǀ 80 pages



Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein, graduated in 2013 from Clark University with a B.A. in English, and a specialization in Creative Writing. He s had a passion for Japanese folklore for many years, and his illustrated novel, “Omagatoki: When Yokai Emerge,” and the “Yokai Character Collection,” best demonstrate his interest and knowledge, with their wide galleries of monsters stemming from the past. Michael has been a featured speaker at recent Anime conventions across the country. A New Jersey native, Michael currently lives in New York City, where he is enrolled at The New School.

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Chip Boles

Chip Boles is an artist and illustrator based in Nashville, Tennessee. Chip has illustrated for CNN, Wall Street Journal Asia, UTNE Magazine, and more. He also applies his art experience to scenic painting for theater and television, including the TV series Nashville, as well as Shrek the Musical for stage. More of his work can be seen at chipboles.com.

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